Who are you?

We are a Political Action Committee (FEC #C00638163) organized in 2017 in response to the election of President Donald Trump. We were founded by Matthew Thornton, the former Director of Communications at the Democratic Party’s House and Senate PACs.

What is your mission?

This one is easy. Our sole mission is to end the Trump Presidency as quickly as possible, via impeachment, resignation or invocation of the 25th Amendment. Not only will we hold him accountable for his actions, but we will hold to account those who enable his agenda.

How are you accomplishing it?

The simple answer is this: By eroding Trump’s base of popular and Congressional support.

The politics in Washington surrounding the presidency are complex to say the very least. The path to impeachment runs through the Congress, as the House and Senate vote to impeach and convict the President to remove him from office. We are concentrating our efforts on defeating those Republican members who have consistently stood by President Trump and defended the indefensible, to the detriment of their constituents and the country. This distinguishes us from some other anti-Trump or pro-impeachment groups, whose protests and petitions are commendable, but do not directly go after the impeachment decision-makers.

We are also looking beyond the Congress, to the court of public opinion, because like it or not, resignation, 25th Amendment invocation, and even impeachment, are all far more likely to happen to an unpopular President. We are using data analytics to identify and target soft Trump supporters, and shatter the illusion his administration is trying to create. Many of his supporters take him at his word when he says things like “this tax cut favors the middle class over the rich”. We are already running advertisements that call out the President for his lies. We are running these ads in in a hyper-targeted way, looking for areas of maximum leverage and focusing our spending where it can have a real effect on Trump’s base of support.

So where exactly do my donations go?

Well as we’ve described, we are fighting this battle on multiple fronts. Much of it will go to precisely targeted online ads on the usual platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. Some will go to traditional media such as billboards and radio spots. Here is one billboard we are planning to deploy in a handful of key districts:

And here is an online ad we’re currently running to a targeted group of soft Trump supporters.