Impeachment-focused Super PAC Launches in Advance of Trump’s 100th Day in Office

WASHINGTON – Power to Impeach, the first super PAC focused on the impeachment of President Trump, launched today just in time for the 100th day of his administration. Power to Impeach is dedicated to taking control of the House of Representatives away from the Republican Party, clearing the way for the impeachment of Trump. As the House of Representatives has the sole power of impeachment, Republican control of the House represents a structural impediment to a vote on Articles of Impeachment. This organization seeks to remove that barrier.

“We cannot allow Trump to get away with his egregious disregard for ethics and the law, but that is exactly what Paul Ryan and the Republican majority are doing,” said Matt Thornton, founder of Power to Impeach. “If House Republicans won’t hold Trump accountable, we will replace them with members who will.”

Power to Impeach is a grassroots independent expenditure super PAC that will use its resources to flip Republican-held seats in Congress. Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the House the sole power of impeachment. The Speaker of the House controls the agenda, therefore, as long as Paul Ryan is Speaker, there will never be a vote on Articles of Impeachment.

Power to Impeach was founded by Matt Thornton, who has been fighting for progressive causes for over a decade in the party, campaign, independent expenditure, and government sectors. He has worked in a variety of states, both the House and Senate, Democratic super PACs, and most recently at the DCCC.

You can find out more about Power to Impeach at and @powertoimpeach.

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