Following the election of Donald Trump as president, we found ourselves demoralized and fearful for the future. Starting in his first days in office, we saw clearly that President Trump would live up to the hateful and unconstitutional rhetoric of candidate Trump. This presidency has been characterized by executive overreach, conflicts of interest, abuse of power, undermining of core American values, and a weakening of our standing in the world. And all of this taking place under the cloud of alleged foreign collusion by the president’s allies during and after the election. In short: our worst fears about this presidency were realized. We knew we had to put our passion and our experience to work for the resistance. We started Power to Impeach to address the structural impediment to initiating impeachment proceedings: taking control of the House of Representatives away from the Republicans.

Power to Impeach was founded by Matt Thornton, who has been fighting for progressive causes for over a decade in the political party, campaign, independent expenditure, and government sectors. He has worked in a variety of states, both the House and Senate, Democratic super PACs, and most recently at the DCCC.